Windmill Farm and Vineyard Wedding in Woodland, California with Andy & Tiffany

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Andy and Tiffany are really in love...scroll down for proof.

They picked a perfect venue for their wedding and Kevin from Weddings by Kevin did a great job making the wedding day go smooth and the wedding video done by Marisa from Poema Collective was outstanding. See a link to it below. 

Here are a few snippets from the wedding day...

See their wedding video below by Poema Collective.

POTW - Fun reception at Windmill Farms & Vineyard

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There are many reasons why I love this photo of dad and his girls dancing away during the last few songs of the wedding night. The candid expressions, the laughter and moment that these three created dancing to music is priceless. This is a perfect example of why I love to shoot receptions, by the end of the day the waves of emotions over-shadows everything around you and you realize that this exact day will never be repeated and especially if your closest ones are present, coming out to the dance floor to your favorite song(s) is a great combination indeed.



Kevin from did an amazing job keeping the guests entertained, as always!!! 

POTW - Pie, the other wedding dessert...

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Even though wedding cakes are present pretty much every wedding (cupcakes included), pies, on the other hand, are only present on a handful weddings a year, if that even. Making them a pleasant and somewhat rare sweet dessert on the wedding day. I for one love pies, even more than cakes in most cases... but cakes are good too in my book.

This is Shawn and Megan surrounded by pies on their wedding day... 


Windmill farms and vineyard wedding preview

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This was our first time at this venue, it's a nice little venue in the middle of vineyards and olive groves. Too bad this is the last year they're hosting weddings, I would have loved to be back otherwise. Andy and Tiffany had a great time on their wedding and so did we. Congrats you guys!!  


POTW - Wedding rings, finally stacked against each other!!!

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Every wedding for the last year, well (almost every wedding) I tried to setup rings so they would lean on each other... it didn't work since I began trying that, the diamond was either too large/heavy or the rings were too perfectly round or just heavy on top and not on the bottom, these two, however looked great and my attempt to stack them worked! Woohoo, now to try something else I've never tried...


Yolanda Ranch in Woodland, CA wedding preview

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I'm currently finishing up Laura and Steven's wedding and realize how much I loved photographing at the venue. This was our first time there but I fell in love with the venue, just like Steve and Laura fell in love with each other. Here's one of them during their first dance.